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Wastelink - How We work With You

Software That Works



Hopefully we will be working together for a while, so it is important that we have a good relationship for this.

At Wastelink, we believe that we get better by staying close to our customers, by working with them to achieve their goals and by being open to ideas and suggestions along the way


Wastelink believes in being flexible in business so, for instance, we might work with you to develop and agree on a 'proof of concept' system to show we can do what you want.

You don't pay until that is done to an agreed stage.

We often incorporate suggestions into our product if they will be useful to the majority of customers.

Software development hasn't always been flexible. It has a reputation for slowness and overruns.

We have searched for tools and techniques that make it possible to offer this as a real thing, not an empty promise.

Using this approach we can provide systems quickly, and make sure they fit your needs properly. 

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