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Sewer Connection Management

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The effective management of connections to sewer systems is a critical part of the work of water and drainage utilities.

Wastelink helps with this process.

From processing applications from waste generators, through the paperwork and communications, site inspections and preparatory work, commissioning and ongoing supervision, Wastelink provides the systems support you need for this never-ending task,

Our experience with this goes back many years and covers not only the relatively simple residential connections, but also the often complex commercial and industrial connections, where  there may be requirements for pretreatment of the wastewater before it enters the sewer. In these complex cases, Wastelink also keeps track of the pretreatment devices required and on-site, plus any maintenance and servicing ( eg cleaning) through out the life of the devices.

A complete system for this task requires mobile applications to capture data at sites and communicate it back to the central office, plus a smart central office system to keep all the mobile reports and data filed with the other communications for every single connection.

Wastelink's suite of mobile and web application come together to provide a seamless system for this, simplifying the job of 

  • avoiding holdups, by the generator, or the utility, ensuring that all connection requests are processed as smoothly as possible

  • avoiding connections being approved or even made, without proper authorisation

  • including any special requirements for the connection - this may be maximum flows, limiting contaminants, or charging extra for certain conditions.

In all this, the aim is to protect the sewers, the staff working on sewers and pumping stations and treatment plants, and to protect the environment.

We know that the needs of utilities vary greatly, so we invite you to contact us to discuss your needs and discover how Wastelink can help your utility in this task.

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