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Trade Waste monitoring software that works

We understand trade waste

Wastelink has been providing tracking and monitoring systems specifically for trade waste and backflow for almost 30 years.

Solutions for Utilities

We fully understand the role and importance of Trade Waste staff and are passionate about streamlining processes to protect your assets and ultimately our environment. our system improves data collection and greatly reduces costs and the amount of human activity required to achieve high quality monitoring and therefore allow you to focus on the highest of priorities.

Wastelink specialise in custom software solutions for both utility and waste transporters that provide real-time data so that you can be confident that your compliance targets are met.


  • designed specifically to manage compliance of trade waste

  • backed by  almost 30 years experience in the waste water industry

  • proven robust technology

  • flexible & cost effective

  • customisable

  • integrates with your current systems and processes


  • complete control of your trade waste management

  • real-time data at your fingertips

  • reporting & sms/letter generation

  • logical & easy to use

  • safe & secure

  • provides a complete overview of the events that matter to you

Wastelink's first trade waste systems were waste tracking systems in 1991, and we now offer desktop and mobile solutions to track your collections via barcodes attached to your waste sources. or GPS location. This allows you to closely monitor the pump-outs performed by transporters and allows you to be confident that the waste is collected on time and disposed of to meet your compliance standards.

But now, that is just a small part of our application suite. We now offer a full database of all of your site and pretreatment data, plus management of  your applications and inspections. Inspections are tailored to each site, depending on the business activities and pretreatment devices there. 

There is also  compliance reporting and letter generation so you can keep in touch with your customers and have all of the relevant data at your fingertips when dealing with calls or enquiries. Reporting to regulators (eg Office of Water in NSW) is made much easier and faster since Wastelink compiles the statistics in real-time, so they are always up to date.

​We understand that your needs are and priorities are unique and so we are able to customise our software suite to suit your specific needs. above all, we strive to provide solutions to address your most time consuming business processes.

Trade Waste Dashboard with real-time statistics

Solutions for transporters

Wastelink also offers solutions for waste transporters that can integrate with utility systems, or operate independently.

Our transporter database records each customer's contact details, trade waste details, each pit or waste source and their associated pump-out and frequency details. you can then easily access this data to produce run sheets for a given period and track your jobs as they are completed.

By comprehensively recording all waste movements, Wastelink offers you real security. Thanks to this detailed audit trail your internal business processes are visible. you can also create reports for customers and you can be confident of having the evidence to prove that you have met the required compliance standards.

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