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Wastelink Inspection Technology

Regular Inspections are essential in ensuring any water or wastewater system remains in its best operational and functional condition.

Wastelink has developed our Inspection mobile app and our Inspection web application to replace traditional inspection dairies and paper records.

The key benefits of our technology are:

  • Easy to use:

    • All inspection systems are designed with friendly interface so that both inspectors and managers are able to use easily

    • Mobile inspection app can be based on paper or other forms, to keep re-training to a minimum.

  • Real time data:

    • Inspection information will be transferred in real-time from inspectors to managers, so that timely solutions will be made if any incident happens

  • System customised:

    • Any kind of paper inspection form can be digitised and online data will be produced as standard format report automatically

  • Mobile Inspection app is available for smart phones with internet connected:

    • Our inspection system works in all smartphone connecting internet (3G,4G, 5G or Wifi), no matter what phone brands or operational system.

Even though we call this "Inspections", there is a wide range of applications that our inspection technology can be used for, including:

  • Facilities in water and wastewater utilities

  • Water usage meter recording

  • Sanitary checking and inventory

  • Road, lights, trees conditions and other city public utilities

  • Many other uses - please contact us for more information

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