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Our Business Model and Fee Structure

Wastelink provides all systems on a SaaS model (Software as a service)  

This involves

  • Provision of the applications and databases

  • Customisation if required

  • Training, using the web, or onsite by arrangement

  • Secure hosting of the databases

  • Backup and disaster recovery processes

  • Anti-virus, spyware and similar processes

This is all covered in our monthly fees for the service.

The actual monthly fees are based on the application used and the level of usage

We use measures or 'metrics' that are easily understood.

For example, for Inspections, the fees are based on the number of inspection points per month - if you have 5 similar sites, each with 10 points of inspection, then 50 (5x10) will be the measure used to calculate fees.

For trade waste, backflow and  sewer connections, it is based on the number of sites, devices and connections registered in the system.

Wastelink application will never stop when you 'reach a maximum number'.

It will allow you to continue working, and Wastelink will review the 'metrics' with you at some time that suits.

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