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From a single site, or hundreds or thousands of sites, Wastelink will capture your data, communicate it to where you need it and provide reporting and analysis, customised for you

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Over almost 30 years, Wastelink has been involved with monitoring and compliance, mostly in the water and wastewater sector. We started with wastewater - that's where our name comes from.

Over time we have expanded the capability of our systems to cover a range of uses, and now we provide rapid, robust and reliable systems for a wide array of organisations in the sector. 

Applications & uses

Our main applications collect data where it is created, using mobile apps on phones and tablets, and transfer it to a central database, where it is used for reporting and analysis.

The very first use was to monitor the service compliance of wastewater pretreatment devices - when they are serviced and how that compared to the water utility's requirement.

Since then, we have expanded this into a Trade Waste application that manages the trade waste process, from application stage through to ongoing management

Plant and equipment inspections are easily customised and have a wide range of use - from a pumping station to a wastewater treatment plant or a sewer system. These can all be set up quickly and inspections can start almost immediately. This has been used for all sorts of inspection data capture, including daily and weekly reporting from remote water filtration plants, back to provincial and national offices. 

This can be used for many other processes- capturing and reporting of data from field offices back to head office, or from provincial government offices back to a national office. Data can be entered using mobile apps or desktop apps, or come directly from sensors or IoT (Internet of Things) devices.


Another area of recent interest has been in Sewer Connection Management, where a database is kept of all connections, their status and the history of the process. It is used to prompt inspections or other activities, which are captured in the mobile apps.


If you have a need that is not met by any of these, Wastelink will work with you to develop a proof-of-concept or prototype application that will. We develop systems very rapidly, for the web  and/or mobile devices, and tie these together seamlessly.

Wastelink will give you a software solution that fits your needs!

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